Friday, February 10, 2017

Remember November

November was the worst month of our lives, but the week before Sarah died, we had some great moments.  And in the weeks after her funeral we did our best to heal.  These are the highlights. 

At 6 months Farrah has become a yoga instructor. And she has got some skills!

Baby planks are my new favorite!

Adam got sworn in as a Texas lawyer at his office. Glad he passed the bar exam!

Daddy daughter date to the food bank for some service through Adams firm. They had a great time and it was a great learning experience for her. 

First time eating solids. Pears were a hit!

6 months of pure goodness right here. 

She lost her 2 front teeth! And we all agreed that she is the cutest toothless girl ever!

Chubby monkey!

Farrah's first Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving we had dinner with a group of friends and it was so fun, but I couldn't resist making some treats for the kids!

Adam dominated the pie contest. 

Daddy daughter date to see the movie Moana. And she wanted to match him too. They are adorable together!

This is how she looks when Daddy feeds her....

Boston got to take Quakers home of the week, he is the preschool class mascot and Boston felt so lucky to have him.  

And I just can't enough of the start of the Christmas season! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Halloween highlights

Halloween was so fun this year, but my only complaint was how HOT it was. I'm pretty sure it was in the 80's the day of Halloween...ugh!  (I guess that is just life in Texas)
The best part about Halloween are the firsts, and dressing Farrah up for her first Halloween was so fun. She was a trooper, and Solana was excited to match with her. Our kids are always animals for their first Halloween, and I love that Solana still loves dressing up as animals, because it will probably be her last year doing so, so I soaked it up. Also I think next year they should just go in their summer wear so that no one is dripping in sweat. 
Happy Halloween!

Halloween night at Solana's school.  Crazy time!

I just love the 3 (!!!) suckers in Boston's mouth...

We decided to pumpkin patch it up, and we lasted about an hour in the heat. Seriously it was so HOT!

Farrah experiencing pumpkin life

We loved the train ride, but mostly because it had a light breeze that came with it :)

On our way home we had to stop for ice cream, and Boston was too hot to keep his clothes on, obviously.

Halloween this year was so fun with Boston, he dressed up almost everyday in October. I loved it!!!

Cutest baby elephant in the world!

Batman for the win, also earlier in the month he was Ironman. Obviously he loves super heroes right now.

And the cutest little elephant ever!

She played the role well...

Saturday, December 31, 2016

October Heat

October was hot, hot because it never cooled down for fall (we are still in the 80's) and hot because we continued to be so busy.  Maybe that is our life now, but I guess I thought when summer ended and we resumed our schedules that it would magically slow down. But I was wrong, we continue to have lots to do. But at least we are never bored! 

This is how we do conference...

Another family favorite tradition. The word treat game, and cinnamon rolls!

5 month and rocking it!  She is 17 pounds of happiness. And started sitting up at 5 1/2 months, she is amazing and strong. And we just can't enough of her smile. 

Boston, please stay young forever. 

Daddy built him a rocket ship, and then flew him all around the house. He was the happiest boy in the world!

Petting zoo at preschool. 

Boston's first experience at Chuck-E-Cheese, he was hooked and obviously couldn't get enough video games. 

We decided to party old school style and hit up a Rage Against the Machine concert. It was as amazing as it sounds!!

Because when your a lawyer in Texas, these are the kinds of activities you do...

Mastering sitting up

Cooling off in October with some buckets of water and side walk chalk.

Picture day at school for B

Someone got a new crib and doesn't want to share it...

She loves it though!

I love hanging out with this little boy genius all day everyday.

Doing a little service project on a horse ranch. I love how much they loved it.

Crazy hat and mustache day at school. Yay for red ribbon week. 

They had to dress up for school with what they want to be when they grow up, so she chose an artist! And an adorable one at that. 

A hot rainy day in October calls for playing outside in the puddles. 

Matching sisters are my favorite!

Probably the best part of both their days. Hanging out together in preschool 

First time in the shopping cart, and first time on the swing. I'm loving this new age!

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